Finance & Banking

The stringent regulatory requirements in a fiercely competitive environment, present tough challenges for capital market intermediaries. Enterprises need an integrated view of customers, effective enterprise data management systems, real-time reporting capabilities and consolidated risk management practices.

Asta has partnered with global investment banks, brokerage firms, exchanges, settlement houses, investment management firms and financial product enterprises. We help them engage better with their customers, improve decision making and business efficiency through meaningful IT solutions. We have expertise in both the buy side and the sell side of capital markets across front, middle and back office operations.

Technology breakthroughs, reversal of deregulation and dynamic markets are impacting the banking industry. Non-banking players such as mobile operators and Internet startups are also offering similar products and solutions. This is forcing the banks to be more innovative and proactive in their operations and risk management measures.

Asta leverages its extensive domain and technical expertise, to deliver solutions for world’s leading banks and financial institutions. The proprietary frameworks help accelerate solution development and implementation.

We enable bank’s IT organization to provide reliable, predictable and scalable services to its business users and end consumers. We have proven ability to manage and execute strategic initiatives and programs of varying size and scale, on time, using innovative delivery models. We provide 24/7 support for mission critical infrastructure and applications with stringent SLA's. We also help banks in leveraging latest technology to derive insights from historical data and engage with their partners and customers using the digital medium.

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HealthCare & Pharmaceutical

Healthcare organizations are focused on creating value-based healthcare in which health promotion and care delivery decisions provide evidence-based and increasingly personalized patient-centric healthcare. To keep up with changing times, regulatory, and business environment, the Healthcare industry needs to reduce costs and transform processes. All this, while focusing on quality and patient outcomes.

Technology infrastructure is the key to deliver more connected and integrated healthcare solutions. Balancing technology infrastructure with reduced costs and improved clinical productivity will set the winner apart in these changing times.

Asta enables you to align with the paradigm shift in the pharmaceutical industry, which is focused on outsourcing non-core functions, increasing productivity of R&D and collaboration and cooperation. Our team combines direct pharmaceutical industry expertise with considerable technological skills and offers you solutions to address the gamut of challenges faced by the industry today.

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Inadequate infrastructure capacity, fluctuating economy, labor relations, operational costs and customer satisfaction are some of the challenges faced by airlines today. They need an experienced IT partner to help them optimize efficiencies and reduce costs.

The mission of the Asta’s Airline services is to “Progressively promote, develop and maintain a safe, technologically advanced, market driven air transportation system that provides the Global Airline Industry with convenient and efficient access to the expanding world community.” Continuous improvement and portfolio expansion migrating to innovative solutions is good, but it is even better if these solutions are kept at the cutting edge of the industry through continuous improvement. Asta follows the unique approach of a common solution, which is upgraded continuously. This not only enables the implementation of industry mandates but also the integration of new features required by the airline and airport community or newly joining members. We also continue to expand our portfolio of airport IT solutions by developing innovative solutions.

Our solutions can be tailored to suit specific needs of network, regional and low cost airlines and is designed to be scalable in scope and performance in tune with business growth.

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Cautious spend patterns, evolving purchase channels and increasing competition are the key challenges faced by retailers. Consumers interact directly with brands and demand superior experience at lower costs. Changing consumer psychology, blurring of channels and supply chain globalization is adding to the complexity.

Asta combines technology and deep domain expertise and delivers consumer-centric retail solutions. Our solutions help retailers implement omni-channel commerce strategies and collaborate better with their stores and supply chain partners.

Asta understands the varied business intricacies involved right from the point of sales solutions, multi featured software system customized to the pricing, promotions, FMCG and slow moving items. Better productivity & speed to market, improved business scalability, reduced investment & operational capital and information management of suppliers and customers are the benefits offered by Asta retail software services.


Asta' solutions help government agencies to boost their services by facilitating processes and development even under modest circumstances. These solutions help governments today face the challenges of meeting the service expectations of citizens, lowering costs, and enhancing staff efficiency.

Our solutions can be adapted and customized in a cost effective manner. They help governments achieve transparency and mobility and can cater to the future requirements. Vital transformation is essential to deliver good governance, and technology is intimately connected with assisting it. A performance-oriented and metrics-based model is the need of the day and Governments need to implement best-of-breed technology solutions to achieve this.


The Energy & Utilities industry has been in the middle of a huge transition driven by dwindling energy sources, rising energy demand, changing government policies, and increasingly demanding customers. There is an immediate need to change the status quo.

Revitalization of technology assets to support new business models is a path that many utilities have embarked upon. Initiatives underway include Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and its integration with distribution automation, newer customer information systems, consumer portals, and meter data management, to name a few.

Our solutions enable our customers to:

Modernize the utility network
Improve production and performance
Transform customer processes


In today’s rapidly evolving world, technology has completely changed the way we provide and consume education. Campuses feature mobile platforms; wireless networks; learning management systems to access, organize, store, publish and distribute course materials online; and distance learning applications that deliver text, audio chat, video, integrated whiteboards, and screen-sharing as well as remote desktop features.

Educational institutions are constantly looking to enhance their operational efficiency and seek ways to offer technology services more cost effectively at every stage of the student lifecycle. Electronic document management, Cloud computing, instructional design and social networking are being used to enhance customer service, improve workflow systems, cut costs, engage learners and assess learning outcomes. Educators are either using the COTS products (SunGard Banner, Blackboard, CampusVue, etc.) or looking at building their own customized solutions to optimize the student, teacher, and staff interaction and help make it more seamless.

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Technology plays an important role in the hospitality and tourism industry. Both customers and businesses can benefit from advances in communication, reservations and guest services systems. Technology allows continuous communication and streamlines the guest experience, from reservation to checkout. IT Plays a major role in Hospitality much like it does in the manufacturing setup or any other big ERP setup.

IT is used in all the internal departments. It is used in Rooms Division to accomplish all check in, checkout, and billing functions; in the engineering department for the building management system and internal guest complaint system; in the Food & Beverage department for restaurant sale accounting; in finance for the accounting functions; in materials for all the materials-related functions; and in HR for payroll.

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