Product Development - The Need

Today, the recruiting industry is highly fragmented and most companies have to enter into agreements with multiple vendors including: technology providers, job boards, networking sites, and agencies. Also most Staff Augmentation firms have multiple branches and do not have correlated data across multiple benches and channels for Recruitment, Sales, Onboarding, Legal and Finance to have the same information available to everyone at the same time to increase productivity

The Solution - Spider Web Cloud Collab System

Spider Web turns the juggling of all these point solutions into a streamlined recruit to hire process. Our Cloud solution combines the best of applicant tracking from the first point of entry and tracks their process until roll out. This cycle not only tracks the recruitment life cycle of the Candidate, but the Interviews, Pipeline offers, Onboarding and also Immigration all integrated into a single cloud integrated operating solution.

Most applicant tracking systems are not driving a process that is based upon a proven best practices model that focuses on not only the recruiter, but on the candidate experience and the hiring manager’s satisfaction. With Spider Web Platform you leverage the collective hiring intelligence and the data from our First Time Calling List in then used for Content Marketing and Constant contact outreach programs within the organization. Our continuously growing, collective hiring intelligence aggregated across hundreds of companies and thousands of successful hires will reduce your cost per hire, enhance the quality of each hire and increase the operational efficiency of every recruiting resource.

Spider Web Cloud Platform is not just another recruiter’s applicant tracking system. Spider Web goes beyond the recruitment channel and aligns itself for Small business to manage and operate at an extreme effective output ratio. This also drastically reduces redundant time lost by Small Business in documentation, tracking and applicant, collecting documentation for immigration process and to complete the end to end work flow of an Consultant/ Employee within the firm and track and manage all activities of it's operation. Spider Web is not just a software as a service, but a operation as a service for any small business that has Staff Augmentation/ Recruitment/Consulting as it's primary base.

Who We Help


Our enterprise compliance, financial disclosure, data analysis and risk management software and services solutions help organizations gain better business insight and embrace active GRC practices.


Instant access to real-time financial data, combined with powerful presentation and data analysis tools hosted and powered by EDGR, enable financial analysts to make better decisions and transform static data into active insights.


Our industry-leading Spider Web Cloud Collab System tools enable regulators worldwide to implement and enforce financial reporting and disclosure standards and processes with minimal overhead.

Data Platforms

Many leading retail and institutional data platforms are already powered by data and financial disclosures from EDGR. Our Spider Web Cloud Collab System processing capabilities and flexible APIs enable developers to configure unique data sets for use across a wide variety of business applications.